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The Nursery

Our Nursery showcases the plants which add structure and color to your garden throughout the seasons. From organic herbs & edibles to the grandest Spruce, the Mustard Seed Market only sells quality plant stock. Our growers are just like us; small, independent and focused on excellence… and grown to be hardy, just like our mountains!

We offer non-GMO seeds, organic herbs, heirloom vegetables, hardy berries, and other seasonal edibles. Our selection of terrarium plants is perfect in a fairy garden or vintage containers. Need color? Seasonal “color” is derived from many different plant groups and we love to design from them all. We offer extensive selection of annuals, tropical’s & foliage plants, perennials, flowering shrubs and trees, and own-root-roses.

Perennials are a Mustard Seed favorite. Our beautiful plants offer color, texture and varying bloom times. Our hundreds of varieties can provide color from spring through fall, and will please year after year. Offering fragrant to old-fashioned to vining to deer-resistant varieties, The Mustard Seed Market is sure to please!

The Mustard Seed Market offers an extensive selection of hardy & unusual conifers and evergreens. We know how important it is to choose these stalwart specimens carefully. Our growers are the best in the country. We continually stock Spruce, Pines, Rhododendron, Yews, Boxwoods, Holly, Junipers, Cypress, and more. Our knowledge of the plants themselves and years of experience designing and planting evergreens in the High Country give the Mustard Seed Market customers’ immense value.

Deciduous trees are like people. They come in all shapes, sizes and personalities. Our exciting selection of Japanese Maples will excite even the ardent collector! Dogwoods, Cherry, Plums, Serviceberry, Willows, Ash, Magnolias and more can create that singular focal point or the beginnings of your own grove.

We receive deliveries of plant material daily/weekly throughout the season. Please feel free to contact the Mustard Seed Market about our ever changing plant stock, or any specific plant you may be searching for. We would love to offer our delivery service for any of our wonderful plants, garden furniture, or containers, please inquire for delivery fee to your home!

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